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At Eberly Farm venue and catering, we strive to make your event as stress-free as possible. All beverages & alcohol must be purchased through Eberly Farm with the exception of champagne. No outside alcohol may be brought on to the premises. You may select from a Host bar or Cash bar and as the event host, you are expected to follow Kansas State Laws in regards to minors consuming alcohol & guests driving under the influence. Guests should be prepared to show proper ID as necessary. During your planning meeting with Eberly Farm, the bar hours will be established to fit your schedule. For a cash OR host bar, a credit card will have to be provided the day of your event.

HOST BAR:  You elect to not have your guests pay for their own drinks. You must leave a credit card with the Eberly Farm host upon your arrival at Eberly Farm.

CASH BAR:  Guests buy their own drinks. You must leave a credit card with the Eberly Farm host upon your arrival at Eberly Farm. You will only be charged for any amount required to reach the $500.00 minimum requirement.

There is a sales minimum of $500.00 on all bars. If the $500.00 minimum is not met the evening/day of your event, the host will pay the difference up to $500.00.  A tip jar will be displayed. It is appropriate to note on invitations that a cash bar will be available. 

Frozen drinks are available upon request for an additional fee. 

We offer the following variety of drinks:

  • 16 Ounce Draft Beer  $3.00 per drink
  • Variety of Bottled Beers  $3.00 - $3.75 per bottle
  • 7 Ounce House Wines  $4.00 per drink
  • 7 Ounce Premium Wines  $6.00 per drink                
  • 16 Ounce Barton Well Drinks  $4.00-$6.00 per drink
  • 16 Ounce Call Drinks  $5.00-$7.00 per drink
  • 16 Ounce Red bull & Well Vodka  $5.00 per drink
  • 16 Ounce Red bull & Call Vodka  $6.00 per drink
  • Well Shot$4.00 per shot
  • Call Shot $5.00 per shot

Hosts can choose to add a frozen drink option for their guests. Eberly Farm will provide strawberry & lime frozen margaritas or daiquiris (strawberry or blue raspberry are available for non-alcoholic frozens). The cost per frozen drink to the guest is $3.00 per 8 ounce drink with alcohol and $2.00 per 8 ounce drink without alcohol.

Add unlimited Popcorn and Gardettos to your bar all evening for just $125.00!!  

CHAMPAGNE GROUP TOAST FEE: $55.00 per event when a group toast is offered. This fee applies for all champagne toasts regardless of the bar type. Eberly Farm will provide real champagne glasses for the bridal party to use & 8 ounce clear plastic cups for your guests when a group toast is offered. Eberly Farm will roll out your iced down champagne for a group toast on a cart at the appropriate time. You are responsible for opening & serving champagne to your guests (traditionally the groomsmen will serve the toast). Eberly Farm will keep your champagne chilled until needed. YOU PROVIDE THE ACTUAL CHAMPAGNE!  

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