Eberly Farm Reception Buffet
Trust Eberly Farm of Wichita, KS to provide fantastic food, friendly service, & attention to detail.  The menus below are for catering at facilities other than Eberly Farm and are priced per person with a 100 guest minimum.  We are able to provide serving tables, serving table linens, & we always provide great service!  Our staff will remain on-site & serve your meal buffet style for the hour of your choice. Our staff will arrive ahead of your serving hour to set up the buffet and will clean up the buffet area upon departure.  For groups of 50 to 95 guests we offer the below menus, without staff or drinks remaining on-site.  Eberly Farm is able to provide staff and drinks for an additional $100.00 per hour for groups of 50 to 95.  We specialize in bringing our portable grills to your event; let the tantalizing aroma of freshly grilled meats remind your guests of just how great their meal is going to be.  Click here for full menu!
 Full Service Catering
If you have more than 100 guests, we can grill hamburgers, hotdogs, hotlinks, chicken, or steaks at your location at no additional charge.  Our portable grills & off-site catering create the perfect atmosphere for your next party!  
Eberly Farm Double Hamburger
Eberly Farm Grill Burgers
  • Third Pound Hamburgers & Quarter Pound All Beef Hot Dogs..........$ 9.95
          *Add sliced cheese for additional $.35 per guest
  • Sliced Brisket Sandwiches & Grilled Chicken.................................$ 13.35

The above meals are served with:  condiments, buns, coleslaw, potato chips, & country spicy beans.  For groups of 100 we provide beverages during the hour of meal service.  We offer two choices of ice tea, lemonade, &/or coffee.  Disposable plate service provided
Eberly Farm Ribs

  • Sliced Brisket & Grilled Chicken............$14.25
  • Sliced Brisket, Grilled Chicken, & Smoked Sausages..........$16.75
  • Bacon Wrapped Filet & Grilled Chicken...........Call for pricing

The above meals are served with:  Your choice of shredded cheesy potatoes or baked potatoes; garden salad: green beans or country spicy beans; & dinner rolls.  For groups of 100 or more we provide beverages during the hour of meal service.  We offer you two choices of the following drinks:  ice tea, lemonade, &/or coffee.  Disposable plate service provided.  Substitute Pulled Pork for any Smoked Brisket item above at no extra charge.  Full Menu

For that very special affair, we offer linens on the serving line, & your preference of china or cowboy blue tin plates.  These are available upon request for menus selected from the Chuckwagon Platters.  To travel off-site with our cowboy blue tin or china plates, please add $2.50 per person to the menu you select.  Elegant disposable plate service is also available for an additional $1.75 per guest.
Eberly Farm Grilled Chicken
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